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The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham

Duration: 16:57
Release Date: November 4, 2023
Book Authors: Esther and Jerry Hicks
Categories: Religion & Spirituality, Mindfulness & Happiness
Duration: 16:57
Release Date: November 4, 2023
Book Authors: Esther and Jerry Hicks
Categories: Religion & Spirituality, Mindfulness & Happiness

In this episode of "20 Minute Books", we will immerse ourselves into the captivating realm of the universe's fundamental law - "The Law of Attraction".

This influential 2006 book, co-authored by inspirational speaker and bestselling author Esther Hicks and her late husband Jerry Hicks, seeks to guide us on how we can utilize the universal law of attraction to manifest our dreams into reality. It is a doorway to understanding the laws that govern our world and how, with a deeper grasp of their workings, we can channel them to enhance our lives.

Esther, known for her books such as "Money, and the Power of Attraction" and "The Vortex", brings to this book her profound wisdom and spiritual connection. She also graced the first release of the movie "The Secret". Jerry, in his lifetime, co-wrote more than a dozen books with Esther, expressing the enlightening messages they received from a group of non-physical entities named Abraham.

"The Law of Attraction" is a must-read for individuals seeking to transform their dreams to reality, adherents of alternative theories about the universe, and those in search of a boost to their positive thinking. Join us on this insightful journey as we unravel the secrets behind attracting the life you've always dreamed of.

The mysterious allure of your mind's untapped power

How much weight do your thoughts really carry? Are they confined to your own consciousness or can they leave ripples in the outside world?

Here's where the law of attraction comes in, a theory asserting that our thoughts wield considerable power to shape our reality. This intriguing concept is claimed to have been brought to light by an entity known as Abraham.

You're probably thinking, "Who or what is Abraham?"

Esther and Jerry Hicks, the authors, introduce Abraham as a collective of spiritual entities communicating through Esther herself. Before you shrug this off as supernatural hocus-pocus, consider their core message. The authors focus less on paranormal encounters and more on exploring the mind's formidable potential.

Abraham's wisdom, they claim, revolves around a simple idea behind the law of attraction — like attracts like. Visualize your thoughts and feelings as signals being sent out into the universe — your personal broadcast, if you will. What's fascinating is that you are the DJ controlling the frequency and content of this broadcast.

This means you have the potential to actively shape your thoughts and emotions, thereby influencing what experiences you draw towards yourself. It's as if you have been handed the reins to your life, able to direct your path based on the signals you emit.

If the term 'Abraham experience' doesn't resonate with you, think of it as a plunge into the ocean of positive thinking, fueled by the innate power of your mind.

Are you ready to architect your dream life? Let's dive in!

Discover the secret: your thoughts are a compass

Have you ever considered your thoughts as a compass, guiding your life experiences? The law of attraction propounds an intriguing notion: your thoughts work like a magnet, attracting experiences that echo their intensity.

Here's a way to grasp it: Every thought you have, whether brimming with optimism or heavy with despair, sends out a unique transmission into the universe. These signals act as beacons, attracting experiences that resonate with them. So, when you maintain a positive mindset, you're essentially broadcasting an 'all good' signal. The result? You may find yourself enjoying a streak of good luck. Conversely, if your thoughts are persistently negative, you may notice that your experiences start mirroring those low vibes.

The authors offer an enlightening perspective: While we perceive ourselves as tangible beings existing within the physical world, we're so much more. We're extensions of a non-physical source of energy — our 'inner being.' You may also recognize it as your 'higher self' or 'soul.' Regardless of the label, this non-physical facet of your being, wise and ageless, is believed to guide you throughout life. Consider it your personal compass, always pointing you in the right direction.

So, how does your inner being connect with the power of thought? Your mind, a formidable instrument, has the capacity to emit thoughts into the universe. Following the 'like attracts like' principle, these thought signals function like magnets, drawing towards you the experiences that resonate with your thoughts' frequency.

The beauty of this concept is that you're the one wielding this magnetic power. You're the conductor orchestrating this symphony of thoughts and experiences. Your inner being serves as your cheerleader, consistently motivating you to strive for more.

To harness the power of your thought-magnet, you need to start by training your mind. Start by observing your thoughts, and then consciously guiding them towards positivity. Celebrate minor victories, cultivate a habit of gratitude, and seize every opportunity to practice optimism. By doing so, you're enhancing the magnetic power of your thoughts, making them more potent.

Remember, the more you accentuate the positive, the more positivity you'll attract into your life. Whether you're pursuing professional success, personal happiness, or a uniquely fulfilling hobby, your thoughts can aid in drawing these desires closer. Tune into positivity and see where the journey takes you.

Feelings: your internal compass guiding your destiny

Now that we've looked into the magnetic prowess of your thoughts, let's delve deeper into the world of emotions — the fuel powering the law of attraction.

Picture your emotions as an in-built navigation system, indicating whether your thoughts are in sync with your desires. Positive emotions like joy, serenity, or exhilaration signal that you're headed in the right direction, while negative emotions serve as a gentle nudge to realign your course.

The authors offer a helpful analogy: Visualize your day-to-day life as a grand shopping spree. You have a pocket full of emotional energy to spend in exchange for gratifying experiences. Of course, not everything on the shelves will appeal to you. Your mission is to hunt down experiences that resonate with your emotional investment.

To use this internal compass to your benefit regularly, you must stay attuned to your emotions. View them as road markers on your life's journey, guiding you towards your dreams rather than being mere reactions. Feeling good? You're cruising in the right direction. But if you're down in the dumps, consider it a wakeup call to reassess and realign your thoughts with your aspirations.

So, remember that your emotions are much more than mere feelings. They serve as your personal navigation tool, directing you towards your desires. By tuning into these emotional signals and adjusting your thoughts accordingly, you stay on the path to your dreams.

Now that we've honed our emotional navigation skills, let's embark on our next adventure: mastering the art of allowing.

Embrace the universe's bounties with open arms

Mastering the art of allowing is all about opening up, preparing yourself to graciously accept the gifts the universe has in store for you, all courtesy of your positive mindset.

Imagine this scenario: You've set your thoughts to vibrate at a high, positive frequency and you're tuned into your emotional compass. You've set the wheels in motion to attract extraordinary things into your life. What's next? The essential step is allowing these gifts to flow unhindered into your existence.

At first glance, allowing might seem passive, but it's far from merely sitting back, twiddling your thumbs. It involves aligning yourself with the frequency of your desires. Consider it similar to tuning into a radio station — you must match the frequency to catch the tunes. The same principle applies to attracting your desires — after setting your intentions, you must wholeheartedly trust that they will manifest.

So, how do you cultivate this unwavering trust? Begin by silencing the nagging doubts that try to throw you off balance. If your mind is a radio, then doubt is the static that disrupts your chosen frequency. Replace it with the solid belief that the universe is weaving its magic to bring your desires into reality. Whenever doubt creeps in, usher in optimism and hold on to your faith in the journey.

Next, clear space for the things that matter most to you right now, whether it's a simple change like a new morning routine or a big dream like owning a new house. Take note of any negative thoughts that sprout around these desires. If your life is cluttered with these thoughts, it can be challenging for new, positive experiences to find a foothold and cement the belief that they are indeed possible. So, be ready to clear out old, limiting beliefs to make room for fresh, empowering ones. Let your desires serve as a strong anchor. And to simplify this task, break your days into smaller segments of specific intentions. Remember, each morning you wake up presents a new opportunity to practice the habit of allowing.

By adopting this daily ritual of positivity, you create room to sit back and watch as your goals metamorphose into tangible achievements.

With that, are your goals clearly defined? Brilliant, because that's our next destination: venturing into the potent realm of mental imagery.

Turn your dreams into reality through the power of mental imagery

Ever found yourself lost in daydreams, conjuring vivid images of something you desire, only to find it unexpectedly materializing by the end of the day? Unbeknownst to you, you were employing the power of visualization to manifest your wishes!

In essence, effective visualization involves creating a lucid mental blueprint of your desires, tracing their evolution from conception to fruition. Consider it your own private cinema in your mind, where you take on the roles of both the director and the star, scripting and enacting every detail of your dreams.

So, how can you harness the power of visualization for achieving success in any field? Begin by carving out a tranquil moment each day for your mental theatre. Close your eyes and paint a mental portrait of your dreams as if they've already materialized. Experience the euphoria of realizing your goals, the pride in surmounting challenges, and the fulfillment of leading life on your own terms. Engage all your senses in this process — what do you see, hear, feel, taste, and smell in this envisioned reality?

For instance, you may have long dreamt of accumulating wealth, but encountering a wealthy individual with poor health and a troubled personal life might make you associate prosperity with negative outcomes, thwarting your drive to acquire wealth. The authors suggest cherry-picking the desired aspects — such as wealth — while discarding the unrelated negative associations — like poor health and strained relationships.

This exemplifies the crux of effective visualization: Concentrating on the experiences you aspire to attract and consciously excluding those you wish to evade. In essence, you're deliberately selecting the broadcast frequency of your thoughts, attuning them with the life you crave.

Next, you must firmly believe in the authenticity of the images associated with your goal. For them to resonate as truth, the unique details should feel tangible and genuine to you. Do you envision a life of prosperity in a particular style of home, nestled in a specific locale? Jot these specifics down. Remember our principle of 'like attracts like'? When you emit powerful, detailed signals of your desires, you increase your odds of drawing those experiences into your reality.

Ready to convert more of your desires into tangible results? Let's learn how vibrational matching can turbocharge this process.

Align your vibes to achieve your dreams

Vibrational matching might sound like an exotic concept straight out of a science fiction tale, but it's actually a potent tool rooted in the law of attraction. It revolves around harmonizing your mental and emotional frequencies with your aspirations.

So, how exactly do you 'tune in' to the frequency of your desires? The answer lies in consistently aligning your thoughts and emotions with your goals. Say, for instance, your goal is to achieve enduring happiness. The key is to persistently focus on thoughts that kindle joy every day. If your target is to succeed at work, zero in on thoughts that evoke a sense of accomplishment while performing your daily tasks.

The crux of the matter is, the more closely your present state mirrors your desired outcomes, the quicker and smoother your journey to achieving them becomes.

Envision a sculptor painstakingly shaping a lump of clay, guided by a vivid image in his mind. Like the sculptor, we too should actively carve our experiences to mirror our desires. This intentional shaping — vibrational matching — is a pivotal step in transforming our dreams into tangible achievements.

However, it's crucial to remember that this practice isn't about sham or deceit. It demands genuine pursuit and cultivation of emotions that resonate with your life goals. For optimal results, indulge in activities that bring you joy and laughter, surround yourself with individuals you regard as symbols of success, and engage in daily mindfulness practices like meditation and self-reflection to foster serenity.

At its core, vibrational matching is about embodying the values you aspire to manifest on a mental and emotional level. By merging intention, focus, and emotion, you can attune yourself to the prerequisites of your dream life.

A final word

Consider life as an enchanting performance, where you don the hat of the master of ceremonies, and your thoughts form the symphony that sets the pace. Your principal task? To synchronize these thoughts with your aspirations.

Remember: You come equipped with a potent mind, a foolproof emotional compass, and the innate power to invite abundance into your life. When doubts start to surface, rely on your intrinsic ability to conjure mental images of your ideal life and sustain the requisite vibrations to manifest it.

At its heart, the law of attraction is a celebration of optimistic thinking. So, embrace it, harness it, and sculpt the life you've always dreamt of.

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