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A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit

Duration: 15:31
Release Date: November 26, 2023
Book Author: Queen Afua
Category: Religion & Spirituality
Duration: 15:31
Release Date: November 26, 2023
Book Author: Queen Afua
Category: Religion & Spirituality

In this episode of 20 Minute Books, we delve into "Sacred Woman," a seminal work by Queen Afua that offers a transformative and holistic approach to women's wellness and spirituality. Grounded in the rich traditions of the Divine Creatress, this guide invites its readers on a journey of self-discovery and healing through sacred rituals, lifestyle shifts, and nurturing community circles. Empowering women to reclaim their health and spirituality, Queen Afua provides tools and insights to navigate the path to joy, purpose, and a deeper connection with the self.

Queen Afua, a New York Times bestselling author, is widely recognized for her expertise as a holistic health practitioner and wellness coach. She has played an invaluable role in advancing the green food movement and is the visionary behind the celebrated Heal Thyself product line and Sacred Woman Rites of Passage program, as well as serving as the CEO of the Queen Afua Wellness Center.

"Sacred Woman" is an indispensable read for spiritual seekers eager to tap into their inner wisdom, women pursuing alternative paths for reproductive health, and anyone grappling with a sense of restlessness or dissatisfaction in their professional life. Join us as we explore the timeless wisdom and empowering practices that have made "Sacred Woman" an essential companion for those on a quest for wholeness and harmony.

Embrace a holistic path to wellness with Queen Afua’s transformative guidance.

In a world where wellness often comes with a price tag, Queen Afua's work stands out as a beacon of authenticity and holistic healing. Her pioneering approach goes beyond the superficial, offering a profound journey toward complete well-being that is not only accessible but deeply rooted in cultural wisdom.

Queen Afua's guidebook emerges as a groundbreaking manual specifically tailored for women, with a particular emphasis on empowering African American women. It's a spiritual quest that interweaves the threads of emotional balance, physical health, and social consciousness.

If modern consumerism says you can buy your way to happiness, Queen Afua stands as a timeless reminder that true wellness is not for sale. It's a sacred pursuit—one that involves connecting with deeper aspects of ourselves through prayer, nourishing our bodies with good food, engaging with our community, and expressing ourselves through movement and dance.

Let's delve into some of Queen Afua's cornerstone practices that are vital for nurturing and reclaiming our inner strength and divinity. Learn how to integrate her wisdom into your life and embark on a transformative journey toward being a sacred woman in your own right.

Ignite collective transformation through Queen Afua's Sacred Womb Circle.

In times of distress, Queen Afua's phone became a lifeline for women seeking an alternative to a health system that often failed to address their needs. African American women, in particular, confronted a disheartening trend of being pushed toward unnecessary hysterectomies and facing higher risks during surgical procedures.

It was through the echoing cries for help that Queen Afua recognized an urgent truth: healing begins with womb wellness. But this realization wasn't just about physical well-being. Queen Afua envisaged a holistic haven, blending meditation and prayer with emotional detox, nutrition, and comprehensive lifestyle shifts.

At the very core of her healing paradigm lies the Sacred Womb Circle — a haven where women unite to weave a tapestry of care, compassion, and camaraderie. These circles exist as sanctuaries for sharing experiences, releasing pain, and celebrating victories. Within this space, women dive deep into their vulnerabilities, buoyed by the strength of collective presence and support.

Consider your social circle — do they share in your quest for healing? Do they foster your well-being? Self-care is deeply nurtured in an environment where others resonate with your aspirations and value mutual upliftment.

Feeling drawn to the concept of a womb circle? Take the lead and create one. Gather a circle of women, each on her own path to healing, keeping the circle intimate with ideally four to eight participants. Kick off with a casual introductory session where everyone can acquaint themselves and voice their individual expectations and healing intents.

From that first meeting, distill a shared vision that stitches together each person's aspirations. Commit to weekly gatherings for a minimum of 21 days, with each woman penning and signing a personal dedication pact.

The continual healing happens during subsequent regular gatherings hosted in the warm embrace of each other's homes. Set the scene for serenity with an altar adorned in bloom and scent. Use the magic of music to open your circle, inviting healing vibrations with instruments and song. United, call upon the Divine One to shepherd your circle with guidance and protection.

Healing, when shared, becomes an indomitable force. Amidst the distractions of daily life, together, you uphold the journey towards wellness. Yet, to truly tread this path, Queen Afua equips you with crucial practices through the gateways she has identified. We'll explore three of these gateways: sacred words, sacred movement, and sacred work — each opening paths to harnessing the full spectrum of your power as a sacred woman.

Transform your reality with the power of sacred words.

Imagine the world as a canvas, with words as the brushstrokes that shape its hues and contours. Picture walking through life voicing only weariness or isolation — such expressions become anchors, dragging the spirit into depths of exhaustion.

Once you acknowledge the profound influence of words — as architects of existence, not mere labels — you'll begin to infuse your speech with intention. Reflect on the words that flow from your lips. Are they empowering? How do you address your loved ones, define yourself, or absorb the words spoken to you?

Challenge yourself to a week-long vigil of listening. Pay attention to every thread of dialogue you engage in. Consider recording your conversations for a deeper audit of the words exchanged.

During this monitoring phase, you might unearth that some phrases you utter undermine your strength or are ghosts from your past, no longer relevant to the now. You may even uncover an unsettling pattern of withholding truths or pinning down embellishments. Such habits mute your sacred voice — and you are worthy of recognition for your authentic self. This means owning your words with reverence.

Reclaiming your narrative takes the same dedication as a martial artist pursuing their black belt — relentless practice, undeterred by setbacks, steadily aiming for mastery.

Begin your reformation with a "talk fast." Spare your words for a week, speaking only when necessary and reshaping your experiences with positivity and potency.

For instance, transform "I'm sick" into "I'm healing" or exchange "I’m trying" for “I’m progressing." This nuanced pivot in language can open a world of changed perceptions.

Forge daily affirmations — your sacred words mantra. Initially, they may feel awkward, but persistence is key. As a karate practitioner hones their craft, let repetition guide your path until these affirmations resonate as naturally as breathing.

Embrace the art of sacred words, and watch as they lead you to the next enlightening stage — the power of sacred movement.

Let the rhythm move you through sacred dance.

For Queen Afua, dance was more than an art; it was a shield and salvation.

Imagine pedaling through the streets of Brooklyn, fresh from imparting the joy of dance, only to be met with the glaring threat of an oncoming car. That's what Queen Afua faced. Yet, in the split second of crisis, a voice within her commanded — dance. As she executed a graceful, swan-like dive over her handlebars, she found safety on the car's hood. Despite the potential for calamity, she emerged without a single scratch, dance her guardian in that perilous ballet.

But dance didn't just spare her in moments of danger; it rescued her from the grips of heartache, carried her through times of success, and became her companion through life's myriad dances — from womb health to deep emotional transitions.

The essence of the Sacred Woman journey interlaces with dance; through movement, we invite the Divine Creatress to live within our gestures. True dance transcends appearance; it is not about precision or rhythm but about feeling freedom in every fiber of your being. When we remain still, sorrows and worries take root, but dancing shakes loose these emotional shackles, guiding us with ancestral whispers.

Dance was never meant to be a solitary affair. It is the essence of communion — a club pulsating to a shared heartbeat, ancient fertility rituals that bind communities, street dances that channel frustration into non-violent expression. Dance is the body conversing with the soul, with higher powers, and with the surrounding world.

So how does one bring sacred movement into everyday life? Queen Afua offers insights:

Dance wherever you stand. There's no need for the right venue or occasion. Your home, the streets, the serenity of a forest, or the rhythmic shores — let them all be your stage. Dance not only to music but to life's natural soundtrack.

Embrace the unfamiliar — dare to diverge from worn paths. If your dance is a relic of your youth, let spontaneity guide you. Discover the beats of Brazil, the undulations of belly dancing, or the boldness of jazz. Allow never-heard tunes to influence you, and accessorize with items that celebrate movement.

Above all, make dance a communal joy. Welcome your family into a dance ritual where laughter and beats weave enduring bonds.

Now, you've learned to craft your reality with sacred words and to channel divine energy through sacred dance. The final piece of this trinity of transformation, the third gateway in this chapter, is the embodiment of your purpose through sacred work.

Embrace the calling of your sacred work with vigor.

Consider the hours spent in labor each week, the clock striking the end of another workday. Do these hours leave you brimming with vitality or depleted and yearning for reprieve?

Regardless of how eloquent your speech or how spirited your dance, a disconnect between work and purpose leaves a void no word nor step can fill. Practicality may question: is it feasible to pursue a calling with life's demands pressing down?

The stark truth is, if you neglect your sacred work, it will beckon you still, manifesting through the unrest in your being — elevated stress, skyrocketing blood pressure, or the all-consuming burnout. It's unsustainable to toil away at a job that strays from your essence, from the journey destined by the Divine Creatress.

So where does one begin the quest for this hallowed path?

Find solace in knowing you're not alone. Invoke the spirit of khepera, the beacon of transformation, to dismantle your current reality and sculpt anew, reflecting your innermost dreams.

Ponder what ignites your passion, what fills you to overflowing with satisfaction, and what channels your innate strengths most potently. In your sacred work, you'll find a wellspring of zeal and a profound sense of calling, a vocation so enriching you might just embrace it without monetary reward.

Should this vision elude you, rise at 4:00 a.m. for meditation. In the still of pre-dawn, when intuition whispers loudest, open yourself to the Divine Creatress's messages.

Once the spark of sacred work is found, chase it without waver. Shield it from the cynics and doubters whose skepticism might smother embryonic dreams. Instead, seek the company of those who uplift and amplify your aspirations.

Queen Afua's own pilgrimage to her sacred work spanned three decades, with roads both winding and unexpected. Yet no step was in vain, each twist bestowing insight and enlightenment.

Your journey, too, may meander. Extend grace to yourself along these meandering paths, and trust that each twist, each turn, is leading you toward the grand tapestry of your life's work, allowing your fullest capabilities to shine upon the world.

Unlock your well-being with the collective power of Sacred Woman.

The journey to holistic healing doesn't require exclusive memberships or expert approvals — it starts with the strength found in togetherness. Forge a sisterhood of seekers, a circle of women united by a common craving for rejuvenation and empowerment. Within the embrace of shared goals and mutual support, you can channel the transformative power of movement and dance, stepping into a state of vibrant health and profound healing that is rightfully yours.

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